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I have been practicing law in Faribault, Minnesota for over 25 years. My areas of expertise include estate planning, real estate transactions and wills, probate work. When you need to buy or sell a house the process is complicated. Let me ease your stress, from purchase agreement through closing, with a personal touch. Call me today so I can assist you.

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Because I've specialized in estate planning and real estate law from the beginning, I've had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of these areas to benefit my clients.


Building relationships with my clients is important because it allows me to learn more about who they are and how I can help them achieve their goals.


All communication between us will simply be direct and straightforward to benefit you and your case. You'll never have to worry about working through anyone else.

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Estate planning and probate are both commonly known terms, but I often get a lot of questions from my clients regarding which services they need, and why that option is best for them. Though both deal with what happens to your assets and belongings after you pass, the main difference between the two relates to when the process takes place.

If you are planning to distribute your assets before you pass, you will need an estate planning attorney in the Faribault, Minnesota area, who knows processes like creating wills and trusts, assigning powers of attorney, or signing transfer on death deed documents. All of these services require you to sign off on documents that allocate your belongings and/or authority once you are gone. On the other hand, if you are looking for legal assistance on behalf of your loved one after they have passed, you will need a probate attorney.

In addition to estate planning and probate services, my Faribault, Minnesota office is a reliable resource for when you need to buy or sell your home. I know that it's a big decision to pack up your things and move to a new environment. People move for many reasons, whether it's because of a new job, a growing family, or downsizing when your kids finally move off to bigger and better things. That is why I take special care and attention to make sure you are given the best possible deal — allowing you to approach arguably the largest investment of your life in the most logical way.

From real estate law to estate planning and probate, my experience and passion for helping others can be just what you need to secure the things you love. Don't go into the future unsure of what's to come. Whether you're in Morristown, Webster, or any of the surrounding areas, call my office in Rice County today.

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