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Affidavits of Survivorship

No one looks forward to probate. Probate — or the official validating of a will — can be a long and arduous court process that taxes already-grieving family members. Additionally, it can lead to the property falling into the wrong hands, if the will isn’t proven. If you are the one creating the will, then you likely never want this to happen to your loved ones. And if you’re the one receiving something from the will, then this can only add to the stress.

But there is a way to avoid probate altogether through an affidavit of survivorship. Essentially, it’s where a joint tenant gives a sworn statement that the property is theirs before the other tenant passes away. This allows you to retain control of the property and make sure it ends up in the correct hands. Additionally, it allows you and your loved ones to avoid having to deal with probate entirely.

Representation You Deserve

If this is your first time dealing with an affidavit of survivorship, then it’s understandable if it’s confusing. That’s why you need an experienced attorney to help guide you through the process. Attorney Greg Thibodeau is a client-driven lawyer who will strive to do his best for you and your loved ones. He is hard-working, focused, and loyal, and these qualities have led to numerous repeat clients over the years.

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