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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Lawyer in Northfield, MN

A power of attorney lawyer in Northfield, MN is authorized to make decisions on a client’s behalf. This role can short-term or permanent. It all depends on the person’s needs. For example, if you need just need power of attorney services to handle business documents while you are traveling overseas, that is a temporary need. On the other hand, someone suffering from a terminal illness will need a power of attorney lawyer for life.

So, do you fall into either of these categories? Are you looking for a power of attorney lawyer in Northfield, MN or the surrounding area? By all means, contact Gregory S. Thibodeau Attorney at Law today! He is a client-driven counselor who provides a fair power of attorney lawyer cost.

The first thing to remember, Greg is competent at both types of power attorney services: medical and financial. To clarify, a medical “power of attorney” makes healthcare decisions for you. First, you will communicate your wishes regarding end of life wishes or emergency medical care. Then, you will name the individual responsible for working with your healthcare providers. This person is a healthcare proxy or a medical power of attorney lawyer in Northfield, MN.

On another note, if you need someone to manage yours or a loved one’s finances, that is a financial power of attorney. This type of lawyer will write checks, handle bank accounts, sign contracts, and other business and financial matters on your behalf.

Power of Attorney Services

A Power of Attorney is a binding legal contract. In it, one person gives another the authority to manage their financial affairs. If you need power of attorney services when you are miles away or if you need someone to pay bills on your behalf, a power of attorney lawyer will help you.

With this in mind, a regular power of attorney handles financial matters, but that authority is terminated immediately if the grantor becomes incapacitated. However, a durable power of attorney in Northfield maintains control of the person’s affairs even if they are no longer able to do so. If you are concerned about an elderly or incompetent loved one, call (507) 431-4608 to speak with Northfield power of attorney lawyer Gregory Thibodeau.

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Power of Attorney Lawyer Near Me

One of the most important things a power of attorney lawyer can do it is have the right documents ready. In other words, if the time comes when you can’t make decisions for yourself or communicate those wishes, all directive will be in place. This is especially important as you get older. Your search for an accountable power of attorney lawyer will ensure you have the help you need if you or a family member ever become incapacitated. In fact, the law firm of Attorney Greg Thibodeau will prepare the documents you need. He will also specify who you want to make these decisions. So, call him to learn more about power of attorney services today!

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Power of Attorney Lawyer Cost

A power of attorney document is one of the most important pieces of estate planning available. There are DIY forms online. But it is best to have a power of attorney lawyer in Northfield, MN draft the document for you. In this case, one size does not fit all. There are many factors to consider when determining powers of attorney lawyer cost. For that reason, the power of attorney lawyer cost varies. Different attorneys charge a flat fee to prepare powers of attorney documents.

Although the power attorney lawyer cost is more than drafting the document yourself, it can save you time and fees in the long run. To avoid the aggravation and additional expense, contact your power of attorney lawyer near me – Gregory S. Thibodeau.