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Wills Attorney in Faribault, Minnesota

Will Attorney in Rice County, MN

A crucial part of any estate plan is to first define your goals. What are your desires for your future, your family and your finances? Are you looking for a wills attorney to help guide you with affordable will attorney fees? With this in mind, there are legal tools available to help you achieve your goals. A client-driven will attorney in Rice County, MN can help create a plan that will fit both your needs and budget. Gregory S. Thibodeau Attorney at Law is a wills and trusts lawyer who’s been helping families plan wills for over 40 years.

In addition to wills, he can help you through probate and the administration of a family member’s estate. So, whether you are a loved one or other personal representative, Greg will work hard to ensure that the last wishes are carried out as intended. Call his Faribault, Minnesota office today to discuss your situation!

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Counselor Thibodeau is a will attorney who is loyal and committed to quality. He offers comprehensive estate planning services in Rice County. All services are custom designed to meet your unique goals, needs, and budget. As we all know, life throws us many unpleasant surprises. For instance, a sudden stroke, heart attack or onset of Alzheimer’s could make it impossible to state or carry out your final wishes.

For this reason, it is important to plan your estate while you can. An experienced will attorney in Rice County, MN can help to preserve your assets. Greg will work with you to develop an individualized plan created to manage, protect and distribute your assets. In addition, he can uphold your health care decisions and end of life medical care.

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Will Attorney Fees

A will and trust lawyer must consider several factors when setting their will attorney fees. First, the most important element is the time invested in the work. It is common for a will attorney in Rice County to charge by the hour. As a result, you will be charged for the time spent working on your will. For example, the will attorney fees include phone calls, research, and writing. He performs all of these tasks to address your legal matter. A separate hourly rate may be included to cover work done by the legal staff. Contact Greg to book a consultation!

Therefore, asking about will attorney fees is like asking the price of a car. There is a wide range between a base model and a fully-loaded vehicle. Attorney Thibodeau offers fee options for wills, counseling, trust, powers of attorney, probate services and more. There is a flat fee for standard powers of attorney and simple wills. For more information, call our Faribault law office today!

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While no one wants to face the inevitable, it is necessary to plan for the future. Life is uncertain, therefore, it’s important to prepare yourself for the unknown. You don’t want the court system to decide what happens to your hard-earned assets after you die. With this in mind, safeguard your health, family, and assets with the help of a wills and trusts lawyer.

Counselor Thibodeau is a competent and focused will attorney who can help you make the right decisions for you. Based in Faribault, his firm assists clients throughout Rice County and Steele County. Talk to a will attorney today!

Make sure your family’s future is fully protected. Call Gregory S. Thibodeau, Attorney At Law now to schedule an appointment.